Best Hair Loss Shampoo

Stop your hair loss by purchasing one of the best hair loss shampoos for your situation.

Choosing the Best Hair Loss Shampoo to use is really confusing and knowing a few facts about them might come in handy the next time you hit a department store for buying a shampoo!

The first criteria in deciding which is the Best Hair Loss Shampoo to use would be the amount of hair fall – mild, medium or severe. Based on this, there are several categories of shampoos which have the necessary information usually labeled on the bottles they come in. Buy reading them, the consumer can know more about the product and decide according to their preference.

Now, hair loss shampoos are categorized as volumizing, scalp conditioning, removal of build up, avoidance of chemical ingredients and inclusion of medicated ingredients.

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Volumizing involves making your hair look fluffier, and generally the appearance of a thick hair and is best suited for mild hair loss problems.  Bald spots are easily covered with this type of shampoo and one fact that must be kept in mind is that hair loss shampoos can effectively make your hair look fuller and with more volume but cannot cure your hair loss.  They can of course minimize further hair loss by using mild cleansers so that the remaining hair is intact.

Thicker Fuller Hair Shampoo falls under this category.  A 12 ounce bottle costs around $4.00 and the ingredients include vitamins, plant extracts, proteins, caffeine etc and is best suited for mild to moderate  hair loss needs.  Progaine Volumizing Shampoo is also another brand in this category.

Scalp Conditioning Shampoos is the next category and this shampoo is based on the principle of proper conditioning of the scalp for an abundance of hair growth.  Basically, scalp conditioning shampoos cleanse and remove oil substances that block the hair follicles and also helps in the removal of the dead skin cells , thus promoting the growth of fresh and new hair there.

Regenepure DR falls under this category and the DR is a short term for “doctor recommended” which means that this product may be more trustworthy.  Being on the expensive side and with a general view that this shampoo does not produce lather, which is actually a plus point since it indicates lack of sulphates and chemicals in the product which can be harmful for the hair, this RegenePure DR is made up of Ketoconazole or an anti fungal ingredient that helps in fighting off dandruff effectively.

Scalp conditioning shampoos’ other ingredients include saw palmetto extract, vitamin B6, zinc oxide, niacin, caffeine, linoleic acid, emu oil, jojoba oil etc.  With its focus on repairing of the root hairs and cleansing the scalp, this shampoo is ideal for hair loss if your scalp needs conditioning and there are no other factors contributing to your hair loss.

The third category of Best Hair Loss Shampoo involves the Remove Build Up Shampoos which, though similar to scalp conditioning shampoos, can result in retarded growth of hair and using this shampoo can give your hair a clean look.

Biotin Thickening Shampoo is under this category.  Priced at around $ 26.00 and offers thickness solutions as good as Nano shampoos, this is a protein based product that helps in the build up removal of chemicals on the scalp and strands.

Pure Shampoos is the next category for Best Hair Loss Shampoos which not only focus on removing build ups, but also offer a pure and natural way of doing it with ingredients that include plants and plant extracts which are termed as “Organic Shampoos”.  They do not contain any harmful chemicals like sulphates and petroleum derivatives which is a definite plus of this type of product.

Scalp Medicated Hair Loss Shampoos is the last category and these shampoos are well known to induce stimulation of hair follicles and the resultant hair growth.  Nano shampoos fall under this category and although highly expensive, nevertheless, this is the Best Hair Loss Shampoo for medium to severe hair loss conditions.

To sum up, one factor that stands out is that hair loss shampoos can make your hair look thick and full and may retain the remaining hair from falling, but they do not offer solutions for your hair loss root cause.  This is something that you need to consult with your doctor and then decide on the right choice of shampoo for your hair.

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