Nizoral Shampoo for Hair Loss

Put a stop to your hair falling out by purchasing Nizoral shampoo for hair loss.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of shampoos on offer in the market. However, hair loss sufferers go through a hard time in choosing the correct shampoo to solve their problems. Understanding the type of hair loss goes a long way in choosing the right shampoo. The truth is that there are only a few comprehensive brands; that is, brands that can take care of all hair loss types. While manufacturers may claim that their products are comprehensive, evidence proves otherwise.

One of the most popular brands in the market is Nizoral Hair loss shampoo. This product effectively tackles problems associated with a type of hair loss referred to as Alopecia Totalis. Alopecia Totalis is a hair loss condition typified by total and complete but progressive hair loss on both men and women’s scalps.

Nizoral Shampoo for Hair Loss in Action

Nizoral Shampoos works more or less the same like other anti-hair loss products. In principle, Nizoral Shampoo is classified as one of the shampoos that have antifungal treatment properties. Although the product is marketed as an antifungal shampoo for people with dandruff, it also serves a number of other purposes. Other properties that the product possesses include anti-inflammation, and androgen receptors blocking properties (androgen receptors are responsible for hormonal changes that result to hair loss). These properties in conjunction with the hair cleansing properties of the shampoo help in dealing with three major causes of hair loss. These are unclean scalp, inflammation of the scalp, and fungal infections.

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NIZRAL ( Nizoral, Generic Ketoconazole Shampoo )

While the product comes in 1 and 2% strengths, 1% concentration is by itself enough. Consumers should not be made to believe that 2% concentration will work better that the 1%. Precisely, this means that there is no need of going for the 2% prescription which is expensive while the other cheaper 1% strength does the same purpose. However, if you want to buy the 2% prescription strength, you can get it for a good price by clicking here.

Active Ingredient in Nizoral Loss Shampoo

Ketoconazole in 1% concentration serves as the main active ingredient in the Nizoral hair loss shampoo. The active ingredient is classified as a synthetic drug commonly used for its antifungal characteristics. This drug was first used in 1981 and has ever since become an excellent remedy in treating skin infections. Although Ketoconazole is said to cause decreased testosterone production, the drug shows great properties when it comes to stimulating hair growth.

Getting the Best out of Nizoral Hair Loss Shampoo

An important point to note about Nizoral Hair Loss shampoo is that it is associated with allergenic reactions if used frequently. To avoid these kinds of reactions, it is recommended that a patient uses this product once every three days consistently. The shampoo’s manufacturer recommends that the shampoo should be applied immediately when one gets into the shower followed by rinsing of the past day’s build up. This procedure should be followed by reapplying of the shampoo on the hair and then allowing it to soak for the whole duration one spends in the shower. This, according to directions of use, is the most crucial step as it allows the medicated shampoo to perform its job.

Who should go for Nizoral?

While certain types and brands of shampoos are manufactured with specific ends in mind, Nizoral Hair Loss shampoo suits everyone. Whatever kind of hair treatments one is using, it is advisable to have Nizoral as one of your regimen. Most importantly, Nizoral handles one of the most crucial parts of hair loss treatment: inflammation. Surprisingly, every hair loss patient, age, gender, and class notwithstanding, suffers from inflammation. It is thus imperative for a patient to have Nizoral due to its calming effect. This product’s manufacturer has always hyped their product by declaring that no treatment will work optimally without Nizoral.

In Summary…

Nizoral hair loss shampoo is one of the most effective shampoos when it comes to treating Alopecia Totalis type of hair loss. This type of hair loss is characterized by total and complete hair loss on the scalp. The product’s active ingredient is ketoconazole which is a drug discovered in 1981 and which is popular in treating skin infections. Overall, Nizoral is said to give positive results upon consistent use but may result to allergenic reactions if used frequently. It is thus advisable to use Nizoral once after every three days. But who can use the product? The shampoo is for everyone and unlike other shampoos, Nizoral shampoo for hair loss effectively handles the problem of inflammation; which every hair loss sufferer is subjected to.

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