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Pura D’or Hair Loss Prevention

Pura D’or Hair Loss PreventionPura D’or Argan Oil’s Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is one of the many products the brand has for hair care. The brand boasts of its being naturally organic. Its Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is free of SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate and paraben, among others. The shampoo also contains argan oil (the brand’s main ingredient) and biotin which both help in the prevention of hair loss. The brand carefully selects the ingredients for the shampoo to ensure bioavailability and maximum absorption. These ingredients, when combined, results to a shampoo which strengthens the hair and helps it grow healthy. Pura D’or Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo comes in 473 mL bottles. It is safe for everyday use and is made for both men and women. The brand also has regular shampoo and an anti-dandruff one.

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